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Our purpose built curriculum is designed for any level of hunter looking to hone their marksmanship skills in field environments and situations. Our focus is to elevate your confidence in your ability to make ethical shots on game at extended ranges.


Shooters will push themselves and their equipment to the limit and takeaway the knowledge of their combined capabilities and limitations. This knowledge will lead to not only increased maximum lethal range but also a higher probability of having a successful hunt.

*Those attending the class will have the option to add on a hog hunt.



The objective of each block of instruction is to establish a proper foundation or build upon a foundation of knowledge gained through previous instruction. This course begins with and covers everything required to achieve target engagements as far out as we can push you and your equipment.

Classroom discussions become practical application on the range with a heavy focus on proper fundamentals and gathering accurate, repeatable engagement data. Understanding shots are rarely taken from the perfect prone position, we will spend a lot of time on proper use of shooting bags, slings, tripods and alternate firing positions. All of these tools and techniques are used to increase your odds and provide you with the high level of confidence required to make the shot.


You will leave the course a better, more informed and responsible hunter.


Day 1

Starts off in the classroom with discussions on equipment comprehension and setup. After lunch instruction will cover scope theory and move to the range to cover fundamentals and conduct zeroing procedures. The remainder of the day will be spent on data collection.

Day 2

Begins with classroom discussion on atmospherics and environmental considerations and ballistics. The remainder of the day will be on the range implementing alternate firing positions and continuing data collection.

Day 3

This additional day is used to dive deeper into the use of ballistic calculators and also work on moving target engagements. Hunters that travel outside of their home turf will especially find this day beneficial.


  • Pillars of Firearm Safety

  • Equipment Comprehension

    • Selection

    • Familiarization

    • Maintenance

  • Equipment Setup

    • Rifle / Optic Setup

  • Scope Theory

    • Mil vs. MOA

    • Range Estimation

    • Reticle Utilization

  • Fundamentals

  • Zeroing Procedure

  • Intro to Atmospherics \ Environmentals

  • Intro to Ballistics

    • Shot Placement

  • Alternate Firing Positions

  • Data Collection


Make the most of your experience and stay in our on-site lodging facility and enjoy first class meals prepared by our executive chef.


Feb 11, 8:00 AM – Feb 12, 5:00 PM
Refugio, TX 78377, USA
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